Seven Tips for Having a Productive Week - Tip #5 & #6

Dec 02, 2021

Before wrapping up your day, take some time to reflect of how things went:

  • What were you able to accomplish?
  • What did not get done?
  • What contributed to your success?
  • What were some of your barriers?
  • How do you feel physically and mentally?
  • Your daily debrief allows you to identify and reinforce your productive habits.

To determine if your week was productive, use the same reflective process as you did at the end of each day during the week. This will give you a broader sense of your overall productivity. Take this opportunity to think about your upcoming week and incorporate lessons learned in planning forward. 

 Check out the PPI Leadership Lounge on 12/3/21 for the next tip: Rewarding Yourself.


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