Seven Tips for Having a Productive Week - Tip #3 & #4

Dec 01, 2021

Depending on your role in your organization, you should be thinking and functioning at a higher altitude versus operating in the weeds. When you operate in the weeds, you may be literally disempowering someone else. Ask yourself, "Is this where I need to be?" or "Am I doing someone else's work?" Spending too much time in the weeds can prevent you from seeing things at a higher level or the bigger picture. Therefore, you are not leading from a strategic or systems perspective, and you reduce your chances of accomplishing the important goals you established for yourself or your team.

Tip #4: Build Periodic Breaks into Your Schedule

In our effort to be productive, we may feel pressured to chain ourselves to our desk and press forward to get things done. This is not only unhealthy, it’s a recipe for stress, burnout, and failure. In a 2011 University of Illinois study,  researchers concluded that the human brain’s attentional resources drop after a long period of focusing on a single task, decreasing our ability to focus and hindering our performance. Some of the benefits for taking breaks include:

  • Being able to process and retain information
  • Getting a sense of the bigger picture
  • Increasing our creativity
  • Recharging our energy level

Check out the PPI Leadership Lounge on 12/2/21 for tip #5 Conduct a Daily Debrief.


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