Seven Tips for Having a Productive Week - Tip #1

Nov 26, 2021

Have you ever reflected on your week and asked yourself “Did I get anything done?” if you answered yes, you’re not alone. Many leaders face this challenge as they are often pulled in multiple directions or spend much of their week working on "things" or putting out fires. As a leader, your productivity not only impacts you, but it also impacts your team and in some cases your entire organization. 

Over the next several days, I’ll share seven powerful tips for having a productive week. As I share them, you may recognize the ones you currently practice and others in which you need to improve or that are most important to you and your unique situation.

Tip # 1 Ask yourself "What do I want to accomplish this week?"

This is a much different question from what do I want to do, which may lead to the trap of engaging in unfocused busy work that won’t contribute to your overall goals or the bigger picture. Asking what do I want to accomplish forces you to focus and identify tangible goals that should be written, measured, and contribute to your overall success. For example, a tangible goal could be creating an annual budget or filling two vacant positions. These give you a sense of accomplishment as they are tangible outcomes that you can measure at the end of the week.

Take advantage of this tip by using the attached Weekly Planning Worksheet.

Check out the PPI Leadership Lounge on 11/30/21 for Tip # 2 Reducing Distractions.


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